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What The Hen!

About What The Hen!

What The Hen! is a mobile video game that combines elements of strategy and collectible card games. In this game, players build and lead a team of quirky characters and creatures into battles against other players or AI opponents.

Game Rules:

The game features battles in which two players face off against each other. Each player's team consists of a variety of characters and creatures, each with unique abilities. The objective is to strategically deploy your characters to defeat the opponent's team and ultimately destroy their base.

Players take turns in a battle, and during their turn, they can deploy characters onto the battlefield using energy points. Characters automatically move and attack when placed. The battles continue until one player's base is destroyed or until a time limit is reached, in which case the player with the most base health remaining wins.

What The Hen! also features a collection aspect where players can unlock and collect new characters and cards to improve their team. The game offers both single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes, allowing players to test their strategies against AI and real opponents.

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