Geometry Dash

About is an online multiplayer game where players control colorful and amoeba-like blobs in a competitive environment. The game involves growing and surviving as a blob in a virtual world filled with other players. The main objective is to become the largest blob on the leaderboard.

Game Rules:

  • Players control a blob character and move it around using their keyboard or touchscreen controls.
  • The goal is to consume smaller blobs and avoid being consumed by larger ones.
  • As blobs consume smaller blobs, they grow in size and become more powerful.
  • Players can split their blob into smaller pieces to increase their mobility and capture more prey.
  • Over time, the game arena may shrink, forcing players into closer proximity and more intense competition.
  • The game continues until there is a winner or top player on the leaderboard based on size and points earned through consuming other blobs. is a fast-paced and competitive game that tests players' skills in strategy and agility as they strive to survive and dominate the virtual world.

geometry dash


using mouse

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