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Slime Farmer Advanced
Slime Farmer Advanced

Slime Farmer Advanced

Welcome to the next level of slime-tastic farming in Slime Farmer Advanced! In this captivating simulation and strategy game, you'll take on the role of a slime farmer extraordinaire, crafting an empire of colorful, bouncy, and utterly adorable slimes.

Game Details:

  • Platform: PC, Console
  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Adventure
  • Release Date: To be announced


In Slime Farmer Advanced, you'll dive headfirst into the whimsical world of slime farming. Your goal is to transform a humble slime farm into a sprawling kingdom of slime-related industries, from slime-powered technology to exotic slime breeds.

Slime Farming Mastery:

Begin by managing your slime pens, ensuring that the slimes are well-fed, happy, and producing valuable resources. Experiment with different diets and environmental conditions to produce special types of slime products.

Resource Management:

Manage your slime farm's resources, invest in upgrades, and expand your infrastructure. Construct new slime habitats, research facilities, and machinery powered by the unique properties of slimes.

Breeding and Evolution:

Get creative with slime breeding as you experiment with crossbreeding to create new slime species with unique attributes. From glittering slimes that produce valuable gems to bouncy slimes with specialized movement abilities, each slime type contributes to your farm's success.

Technology and Industry:

Harness the power of slimes to fuel advanced technologies and industries. Develop slime-powered generators, machinery, and gadgets that enhance your farm's productivity and unlock new opportunities.

Exploration and Adventure:

Venture beyond your farm to discover uncharted lands filled with rare and exotic slimes. Embark on quests, gather resources, and uncover hidden treasures that contribute to the expansion of your slime empire.

Community and Trade:

Interact with other slime farmers in a lively community. Engage in trade, share discoveries, and collaborate on projects to build a thriving and interconnected slime farming world.

Vibrant Visuals and Charm:

With its colorful graphics, delightful animations, and charming sound effects, Slime Farmer Advanced captures the essence of a whimsical and enchanting farming adventure.

Whether you're a fan of simulation and strategy games, intrigued by the allure of quirky and adorable slimes, or simply seeking an engaging and creative gaming experience, Slime Farmer Advanced offers a world of possibilities to explore.

So, are you ready to dive into the slimy world of farming, breeding, and innovation? Get ready to cultivate your empire, breed unique slimes, and conquer the slime farming world in Slime Farmer Advanced—a game that lets you unleash your creativity and thrive in a world of bouncy and charming creatures!



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