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Funny Battle Simulator 2
Funny Battle Simulator 2

Funny Battle Simulator 2

About Funny Battle Simulator 2

Funny Battle Simulator 2 is a sequel to the original Funny Battle Simulator, and it's a lighthearted and comical strategy game that lets players create and simulate amusing battles between various wacky and absurd units. The game focuses on providing an entertaining and humorous experience with its unique battles and quirky characters.

Game Rules:

In Funny Battle Simulator 2, players have the freedom to assemble their own teams of funny and unconventional units. The objective is to set up these teams strategically and then simulate battles to see which side comes out victorious. The game doesn't follow any specific real-world rules or tactics; instead, it's all about creating entertaining and unexpected battle scenarios. Players can experiment with different unit combinations and tactics to achieve amusing and often unpredictable outcomes. The game is all about having fun and enjoying the humor in the battles that unfold.

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