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Skibidi Toilet Soccer
Skibidi Toilet Soccer

Skibidi Toilet Soccer

Get ready to dive into the world of soccer goalkeeping with Skibidi Soccer Goalkeeper! As a skilled goalkeeper, your mission is to defend your goal and block incoming penalty kicks. Can you become a superstar goalkeeper and lead your team to victory? Let's find out!

How to Play:

  • The computer will be taking penalty shots, trying to score goals against you.
  • Your task is to control Skibidi, the goalkeeper, and prevent as many goals as you can by making timely saves.
  • To move Skibidi, simply swipe your finger across the screen. This will control the direction and speed of Skibidi's movement.
  • Use your quick reflexes and precision to dive, jump, and slide in the right direction to block the incoming soccer balls.
  • Your goal is to save as many penalty kicks as possible and accumulate a high score.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Pay close attention to the trajectory of the soccer ball and anticipate where it will go.
  • Time your movements accurately to ensure that Skibidi is in the right position to make a save.
  • As the difficulty increases, the computer's shots may become faster and trickier. Stay focused and adapt to the changing pace.

Score and Compete:

  • Your goalkeeping skills will be measured by the number of penalty kicks you save.
  • Challenge yourself to beat your high score and aim for the highest possible score.
  • Share your achievements with friends and compete to see who can become the ultimate Skibidi Soccer Goalkeeper Superstar!

Experience the Thrill: Skibidi Soccer Goalkeeper offers an exciting and fast-paced soccer goalkeeping experience that you can enjoy on the go. Whether you're a soccer enthusiast or just looking for a fun and challenging game, this title has got you covered.


  • Mouse click or touch the screen to control Skibidi.
  • Swipe your finger across the screen to move Skibidi in different directions.
  • Play on a screen resolution of 768 x 600 for optimal enjoyment.

Step onto the soccer field and show off your goalkeeping prowess in Skibidi Soccer Goalkeeper. Are you up for the challenge? Dive, slide, and jump your way to victory and become the ultimate goalkeeper superstar!



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